DIY Sex Toy Workshop 

Participatory Workshop 
DIY Sex Toy Workshop is a session where participants come to design their own individually specific and "ideal" sex toy. Through the process, we will question the usual design process for a sex toy, the limits of what a sex toy can be, as well as stigmas around sex toys (and play in general). At the end of the workshop, participants hand craft their own object to satisfy their own definition of a sex toy. In doing so, we reach subjective conclusions about our own pleasures - be it sexual or sensual.

The workshop has been presented a few times, evolving to suit the context. The workshop is still in development as a process and/or pedagogical tool to discuss sexuality. 
Nov, 2016: Adapted for a private workshop  
Nov, 2016: The School of Uncommon Knowledge, Substation
Aug, 2016: National Sex Ed Class, as part of OPEN PORES 2016 with Aqilah Hassan