Blink and You'll Miss It

Interactive Video Installation
In Collaboration with Alistair Norris 

Blink Or You’ll Miss It tracks the life of a couple from vastly different backgrounds - Megan who is local, and Alistair whose recent relocation to Singapore puts him at a very different vantage point of the island. 

Two sets of videos are activated and interacted with through blink detection, with each scene skipping to the next after a blink is detected in the face of the viewer. The viewer controls the pace of the day, either choosing to immerse themselves in the mundane - commutes, errands, meandering urban walks - or happenings - in the midst of a crowd, snatched moments of intimacy, caught in a spectacle. 

This work was presented at Singaplural 2017 as part of Singapore Design Week. 

Click here to see the work in action.