Air / Soil

Socially-engaged community project 
Part of This is Home, curated by M3TTER: a socially-engaged, site-specific project in Tanglin Halt, Queenstown

Air / Soil is an attempt to map the value of space in Tanglin Halt, Queenstown with regards to how residents experience the Selective En Bloc Redevelopment Scheme (SERS). The work proposes that there are dichotomies at play and one plays in a balancing act between polarities when speaking of the SERS. It is the value of solid ground against airiness, the value of memories agains hope for a future, the value of community strength against individual desire, the monetary value of an apartment over the preciousness of a home. Being able to see these variance helps us understand the true value of Tanglin Halt, where everything is up in the air. 

This was was created through conversations with numerous residents of Tanglin Halt. It is with gratitude and appreciation of their willingness to share that I dedicate the work to them. 

Photos taken during sessions with residents in Tanglin Halt.